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Apr 21, 2014

U.S. Coast Guard sUAS Demonstration

Lt. Commander Jeffrey Vajda speaks about the third and final sUAS demonstration that took place in February near Wallops Island, VA. U.S. Coast Guard Video By Petty Officer 2nd Class Luke Clayton.


Feb 06, 2014

UAS detection/avoidance systems developed

A team of researchers from the Queensland University of Technology, Boeing Research & Technology – Australia, and Insitu Pacific have developed what they believe to be a world-first on-board system for an unmanned aircraft to detect another aircraft using vision while in flight.


Jan 16, 2014

RN ScanEagle set to deploy

The UK Royal Navy's (RN's) new unmanned aircraft system (UAS) capability is set to go operational "This week", according to Commander Bow Wheaton, the service's maritime aviation capability desk officer.


Nov 04, 2013

Flying Without Ever Leaving The Ground

At the University of North Dakota, one of the country’s largest collegiate flight schools, they’re flying something different: Drones.
By 2018, just five years from now, the FAA projects that 7500 drones, or unmanned aircraft, could be flying in U.S. airspace. And the University of North Dakota hopes to be supplying many of their pilots.


Oct 22, 2013

Spy drone subtly stars in ‘Captain Phillips’

Movie-goers are familiar with the Navy SEALs; they've appeared in dozen of flicks, including the recently released "Captain Phillips." But many people got their first look at a relatively new and very effective piece of military technology in "Captain Phillips" when the word goes out to launch the ScanEagle.


Aug 28, 2013

Royal Navy’s new ‘eye in the sky’

ScanEagle is a maritime reconnaissance asset that can be launched off the back of Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships day or night to gather intelligence and survey the wider area of operations.


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