Media Management Suite (MMS)
Media Management Suite (MMS)

Mission coordination and media mastery
for optimal decision support

With TacitView and Catalina, Insitu’s suite of processing software gives you the most from your still and motion imagery. Capabilities include: rapid video review; visual enhancements; event logging; and standards-compliant, bandwidth-flexible media distribution.


For maximum efficiency

Collect, synchronize, and archive standards compliant data sets for mission workflow


Manually or automatically

Enhance imagery and metadata for better accuracy, interpretation and workflows


For quick decision making

Improved comprehension of live and archived synchronized data to correlate observed activities


In common formats

Mission tailored, reliable, derived information using open standards for maximum interoperability

Explore MMS software capabilities, bundles, and licensable features.

MMS enables every operational layer, ensuring DoD/STANAG-compliant media provides high-levels of utility to end-users.

TacitView (Motion Imagery Media Exploitation)

Maximizes an analyst’s productivity, providing powerful full motion video editing, enhancement, exploitation and reporting tools. Find, scrub, view, improve, tag, edit, annotate and publish motion imagery, metadata and other data sources across the enterprise during all phases of exploitation.

Catalina (Motion Imagery Media Engine)

Powers your metadata-rich media processing, storage, exploitation and dissemination operations. Integrates seamlessly with other MMS software and can be used on its own or in conjunction with other media processing, storage and exploitation systems.

MMS Licensed Feature Options

Our baseline suite can be supplemented with additional TacitView and Catalina licensed features to meet your needs.

MMS Bundles

  • Operator / Mission Coordinator Bundle available.
  • Mission Intelligence Coordinator Upgrade available.

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