Precise yet powerful

EO950 delivers high-magnification EO imagery and full-motion video views

Always On Target

Maintain high-level situational awareness while never losing sight of your target

Enhanced imagery

Overlapping FoV enables smooth transition between imagers


Zoom imager enables sunrise and sunset operations

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EO Zoom Imager

• Wavelength: 400-900 nm

• Horizontal FoV: 1.2-4.8 deg

• Digital Zoom: .5x to 2x

• Output Format: 960×720 px

EO Telescope

• Wavelength: 400-650 nm

• Horizontal FoV: .22-1.1 deg

• Digital Zoom: .2x to 2x (averaging 12MP
Sensor Pixels into 640 x 480 Frame)

• Output Format: 960×720 px

• Focal Plane Array: 4000 x 3000 px

Multi-Imager, Multi Feed

Electro-optical (EO) telescope and zoom imagers are independently controlled and transmitted through simultaneous digital feeds, allowing the operator to maintain high level situational awareness with detailed target inspection.

Leverage Zoom and Telescope

Follow moving targets with telescope while positioning zoom imager to reacquire if track is lost.


Maintains low SWAP even with dual feed.

Higher Quality Imagery

Greater resolution range. Embedded video processing, including image stabilization and target tracking. Fully digital feed with larger format imagery allows higher network

Improved Imager Usability

Narrower telescope Field-of-View (FoV), wider “zoom out”, and narrower zoom imager + digital zoom.

Modular and Flexible

Supported on all Insitu aircraft platforms including analog ScanEagle. The integral Alticam Vision Network (AVN) supports networked communication. And the forward-looking dome increases field of regard and enables additional weather clearing, increasing operational flexibility.

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