INEXA Control
INEXA Control

One GCS. One operator. Full control.

Command and control multiple unmanned aircraft from a single workstation.

Small footprint

Operate from a laptop or soldier-worn device

Customizable system

Open architecture and fully supported SDK

Proven platform

Over 820,000 operational flight hours

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Supported Standards

• STANAG 4586 Edition 2 (Amendment 2)

• STANAG 4609 Digital Video

• Cursor-on-target (CoT) for networked target, track and vehicle route data

• Common Route Definition (eCRD) allowing exchange of routes with third-party mission planners

• MPEG2-TS with H.264 video and STD

• 0601.02 KLV Metadata

• SAE AS-4 JAUS-IOP to communicate with unmanned ground vehicle

Working With INEXA Control

Insitu’s INEXA Control is a small-footprint system designed for customization and adaptability.

Open Architecture

The open architecture and modular design are customizable through vehicle-specific Platform Kits and vehicle-agnostic Mission Kits to support various platform and payload configurations and enhance decision-making.

Optional Plug-Ins

INEXA Control features a number of plug-ins that reduce operator workload and improve mission results, including Unmanned Vehicle Plug-in for Adrucopter, Search, RF Link Analysis, Airspace Management, and Cursor-on-Target.

Decreased Operator Workload

Integrated sensor controls with automated target tracking and search patterns allows hands-off operation of the sensor payload, enabling the operator to focus on mission taskings and flight safety.

Increased Situational Awareness

The Augmented Video Overlay System (AVOS) provides operators w ith a virtual 3D view of the operating area to visualize terrain, real-time sensor data, target locations, borders and airspace boundaries, and acoustic detectability.

Network Enabled for Collaboration

Supports networking to other ground control stations (GCSs) for awareness and collaboration among multiple UAVs and payloads. Provides the ability to transfer control between GCSs on the network.

Scalable Displays

The system can scale up to operate on large screens with several displays, providing larger audiences with an integrated picture of the area of operation.

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