Automated detection with high-resolution identification

Detect and identify maritime targets over vast areas of water with ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging)

Search and surveillance

Cover wide areas at unprecedented Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)

Detection, cataloguing, and cueing

ViDAR pairs a scanning search camera with a high-resolution nose turret

Positive identification

Equipped with modular payload sensor suite and onboard image processing algorithms to automatically identify maritime targets

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ViDAR Turret
  • Scan Type: Five Increment Step Stare
  • Angular Coverage: 180° *FOR limits and FOV scan rate are configurable to support mission flexibility
EO Turret
  • Wavelength: 400-900 nm
  • Pixels: 1280 x 720
  • Tilt: 30° Up, 90° Down
  • Pan: 360° (Endless)
  • Slew Rate: 50°/Sec
  • Performance @ 1 Hz and 2 Hz: 59 dB attenuation
  • Power Supply Range: 12.6–14.4 VDC, 16 w Nominal, 17.5 w Peak
Target and Distance

Examples of Demonstrated Capability

  • Person in Water (PIW): >1.7 NM
  • Six-Person Raft: >3.5 NM
  • 20’ Fast Boat: >9.1 NM
  • 40’ Fast Boat: >17.5 NM
  • Single Deck Car Ferry: >30 NM

System Features

Using the ViDAR modular payload, Insitu UAS can search an approximately 13,360 NM area in 12 hours.

Quick, Actionable Intelligence

Distinguishes between water and objects, making it easier for the operator to rapidly locate, track, and catalog multiple objects of interest for map location overlays, tracking and target interrogation.

Increase Performance

Identified targets are autonomously ranked to increase human operator performance. Paired with unlimited multi-target tracking and geo-location, and cross-correlation with AIS.

Enhanced Idenfitifcation

Pairing automated target detection with high-resolution identification empowers operators to find objects of interest that other search methods often miss, such as low-profile vessels. Proven to detect 98% of targets ranging from a person in the water to large ships.

Scan and Catalog

Catalog targets for map location overlays, tracking, and target interrogation.

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