Sophisticated multimedia server

Power your media enterprise with Catalina server-side software

Improve metadata

Collect, index, filter, and edit mission-critical information

Manage multiple data sources

Handle dozens of simultaneous feeds and operations

Expand capabilities

Customize with specialized features and plug-in architecture

Get technical specs and licensable features.


Catalina Features

• 3D Scene Reconstruction

• Extensible, Plug-in Architecture

• Media Catalog

• Metadata Filtering & Editing

• MISB-Compliant Formats & Standards

• Optical Character Reader/Manipulation

• Reticle™ Georegistration

• Still Image and Video Mosaicking

• Visual Enhancements

Working With Catalina

Catalina is built with C++ and delivered through cross-platform libraries for Linux or Windows.


Disseminate your data as files or streams, or access them directly through our SOAP or Rest APIs using your own systems and software.

Secure and Standards-Compliant

Catalina provides secure access to capabilities and data using TLS, SSL, and certificate-based security protocols and methods.

Baseline Features

The core Catalina software provides basic input and output of received video streams, and provides access to the Catalina SOAP API.

Extensible architecture

License specialized features to access expanded capabilities, including video and metadata transcoding, geospatial data export, on-screen metadata management, annotation, and still image and video mosaicking.

Ready to learn more?

Get the most from your motion imagery with our complete Media Management Suite.

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