Targeting Turret for Integrator ™
Targeting Turret for Integrator ™

Laser designation on a combat-proven,
runway-independent Group 3 tactical UAS

Same superior image quality and stability as the Integrator’s baseline ISR turret, now with a STANAG-compliant laser designator.

Laser Designation

A built-in laser spot tracker overlays a reticle on the video stream for intuitive operation.

Maritime auto-gain

Adjusts the imager parameter ensuring max. amount of useful data is visualized.

Bandwidth-efficient encoding

Maximize utilization with the adjustable parameter set, enabling direct control.

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  • Electro-optic
  • Mid-wave infrared
  • Laser pointer
  • Laser designator
  • Laser spot tracker
  • Co-boresight ground
    support equipment
  • EO continuous zoom field of view
    1.1 – 31.5 degrees
  • MWIR continuous zoom field of view
    1.6 – 22 degrees
  • Picture-in-picture display option
  • Digital video output
  • MISB-compliant metadata streams
  • STANAG 3733 compliant
  • Available to approved customers

Laser designation

The laser designator added to our combat-proven EO and MWIR turret enables Integrator users to shorten the targeting cycle.

Compatible with joint munitions

The STANAG 3733 compliant laser designator provides guidance for compatible munitions delivered by air and surface platforms.

Multi-imager, multi-feed software

View simultaneous imagery streams, and blend frames from EO and IR images in one stream for more intuitive imagery data consumption.

Laser designation with multi-step safety measures provides targeting for enhanced mission capabilities

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