Alticam 14
Alticam 14

Enhanced ISR turret for Insitu UAS

Groundbreaking engineering brings advanced telescope and targeting capabilities previously available only in higher-priced platforms.

Multi-Imager, Multi-Feed

Never lose sight of a target while simultaneously maintaining situational awareness

Superior Targeting Support

Precise geo-spatial targeting through laser designation

Unprecedented Visibility

Discern details and see clearly through obscurants

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Image Quality

• EO continuous zoom field of view (FOV) 0.13-31.5 degrees (telescope optical FOV 0.13 degrees)

• MWIR continuous zoom field of view 0.65-22 degrees (telescope optical FOV .65 degrees)

• SWIR telescope optical field of view 0.57 degrees (option)


• Elecro-optic

• Mid-wave infrared

• Short-wave infrared (option)

• Continuous zoom telescope optics

• Laser rangefinder

• Laser pointer

• Laser designator (option)

Three variants

Through groundbreaking achievement in design and engineering, customers can now utilize the high resolution, enhanced telescope and superior laser designation targeting capabilities in a Group 3 UAS platform.


Multi-sensor turret includes electro-optic (EO) and mid-wave infrared (MWIR) telescopes for the highest resolution imagery yet achieved by a Group 3 UAS.


Adds the ability to see through smoke, fog and haze at an extended range via a short- wave infrared (SWIR) telescope.

Laser designation

Adds STANAG-3733-compliant laser designator and pointer for advanced targeting support.

Proven Experience

With over 1.3 million operational hours, our systems are trusted by defense, government, and commercial customers across 50 global sites of operation.

Additional benefits

  • Multiple, simultaneous video streams
  • Digital video output
  • Picture-in-picture display options
  • High-definition imagers
  • MISB-compliant metadata streams
  • Maritime auto-gain
  • Bandwidth profiles for maximum data throughput

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