The UAS that invented the agile ISR category

With over 1.2 million flight hours, ScanEagle is the industry’s most trusted long-endurance UAS.

Proven Experience

99 percent mission readiness rate (services) and best-in-class reliability


Runway-independent design easily operates from land or at sea

Secure Communications

Delivers stable, encrypted air-to-ground comms up to 55nm

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Size and Weight
  • Max takeoff weight: 58 lb / 26.5 kg
  • Max payload weight: 11 lb / 5 kg
  • Payload power: up to 150 W
  • Length: 5.6ft / 1.71m
  • Wingspan: 10.2 ft / 3.1 m
Sensor and Data Options
  • Turret: EO, EO950 (EO camera and EO telescope), MWIR, Dual Imager (EO and MWIR)
  • Video Datalink: Analog, digital encrypted
  • C2 Datalink: Encrypted, unencrypted
  • Endurance: 18 hours
  • Ceiling: 19,500 ft / 5,950 m
  • Max horizontal speed: 80 knots / 41.2 m/s
  • Engine: Heavy fuel (JP-5 or JP 8) or C-10 gasoline engine

Multiple Variants and Configurations Available

ScanEagle is currently available in Block E and Block F (ScanEagle 2) variants. Contact our team to learn more about what’s available with each.

Proven and Trusted

ScanEagle has been continuously deployed on land since 2004 and at sea since 2005, meeting the demanding mission requirements of international defense, government, and commercial customers.

Persistent ISR

ScanEagle provides persistent daytime and nighttime ISR in some of the world’s most extreme environments.

Payload Flexibility

Field-swappable payloads can be rapidly reconfigured to support a wide range of missions—electronic warfare, ISR, comms relay, overwatch and targeting.


ScanEagle maximizes common architecture, reducing lifecycle and training costs. Our engineering and payload teams can custom-configure your aircraft to suit your mission

Ready to learn more?

  • FSR carrying ScanEagle
  • ScanEagle on a ship with crew
  • ScanEagle flying over a ship at sea.
  • ScanEagle flying over field

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