Why Insitu
Why Insitu

Experienced experts, backed by Boeing

Relied upon by 35 countries, in use across six continents, we have provided over 1.5 million operational flight hours across land and sea. We bring this experience to every facet of the business, from production to supply to operation and everything in between.

Experience You Can Count On

End-To-End Solutions

Customer success is our success. We offer end-to-end support for our customers wherever and whenever needed.

  • Training
  • Operations
  • Safety
  • Support
  • Supply chain

  • …and everything in between are supported by a 24/7 home-based network to provide unparalleled readiness. Our platforms are available in any acquisition/services model.

    World-class mission-readiness

    We know our customers need capabilities on demand, and our primary goal is to be ready whenever, wherever. Our ScanEagle platform has achieved a 99% readiness rate. In 2020 the PMA-263 RQ-21 Program Office won the Commander’s Award for best readiness rates in Naval aviation.

    Ground-Up Training

    Our experienced team has trained over 10,500 UAS operators globally, and we have the deep knowledge and expertise to train anyone at our center in Bingen, Washington, at deployed locations globally, as well as virtually.

    Deployed Operations

    Our operators and aircraft maintainers go where our customers need them, no matter the challenge. We have seamlessly deployed onboard USCG and USN ships, as well as at forward operating bases, since 2004. Our Field Services Representatives are consistently recognized as being best in the business.

    Capabilities For Every Mission

    Superior Imagery

    Our suite of payloads offer unparalleled ground resolution while flying at undetectable range. Alticam 14, EO950, ViDAR, and other EO/IR packages are available across our platforms. Next-generation Multi-Imager, Multi-Feed turrets provide simultaneous digital streams from one payload so you never lose your target while maintaining broader situational awareness.

    Mission Flexibility

    Our payloads deliver so much more than incredible image quality. Capabilities include:

  • Day & Night full motion video
  • Telescopic FMV for continuous zoom
  • Electronic Warfare (SIGINT)
  • Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI)
  • Communications Relay: Multiple radio types
  • Laser Rangefinder / Designator / Pointer
  • Maritime surface search (ViDAR and AIS)
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR): Imagery of obscured objects
  • Maritime Patrol Radar
  • High Accuracy Photogrammetry
  • Always Expeditionary

    Insitu has always led the industry in small footprint, and we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers. You never need a runway to fly with Insitu, and the future continues to get even more versatile with new VTOL offerings that don’t sacrifice payload capacity or endurance.

    Long Endurance

    Endurance will always be a cricial component of persistent overwatch, and we are constantly extending the flight duration of our UAS. Integrator flies 24 hours, in both regular and VTOL configurations, and ScanEagle flies for 18 hours, so you never lose sight of what matters most.


    Platforms such as Integrator offer multiple payload bays and plenty of onboard power so you can do more on one single mission.

    Missions We Serve

    Our uncrewed autonomous systems support a variety of defense, civil, and commercial applications

    Force Protection
    Target Following
    Asset Protection
    Disaster Response
    Combined Arms
    Pattern Of Life
    Border Security
    Fire Fighting
    Wildlife Monitoring
    Battle Damage Assessment
    Comms Relay
    Search and Rescue
    Networked Operations

    A Service Model For Any Need

    Our full-service model is available across all of our platforms, and for certain customers, this even includes our Blackjack variant (for approved customers).

    Our Field Service Representatives are recognized as best-in-the-industry. We have a long history of deployed operators, trainers, and maintainers serving our customers around the globe, and our full support system stands behind your team and ours.

    Fly with the confidence of having a robust ground-up training team to get mission-ready, and a world-class support and supply infrastructure to keep you in the air any time you need.


    Quality & Safety Come First

    The AS9100 Standard outlines business requirements for aviation, space, and defense organizations. This standard provides guidance for managing variation of key features of material, processes, or parts in which the variation has a significant influence on product fit, performance, service life, or manufacturability.

    Insitu holds a DHS SAFETY Act Certification and Designation for the ScanEagle, which means that it is a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology that has undergone a thorough evaluation by the Department of Homeland Security. This affords our customers protection from potential third-party liability in the event of a catastrophic event resulting from an act of terrorism (as declared by the DHS Secretary) involving the ScanEagle.

    Success Stories

    Actionable intelligence from our UAS can save lives and change the course of history

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