The most versatile and agile Uncrewed Aircraft Systems available

Our full-suite platforms are backed by 1.5 million hours of real-world operational experience in the harshest and most hostile environments. As always, no runways needed…


Next-Generation UAVs To Meet Your Mission Needs

Insitu’s uncrewed platforms give our customers the ability to operate safely in the most remote locations and extreme weather conditions.


Persistent ISR in the world’s most extreme environments

Decision-making superiority through powerful information delivered day or night: This is the service we’ve provided to our customers on land and at sea since 2004. But our aircraft are only part of the picture. Our payloads extend the capabilities of UAS to meet the specific needs of our customers through flexibility and easy integration.

Day & Night Full-Motion Video (FMV)

Telescopic FMV
(for continuous zoom)

Maritime Surface Search

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Electronic Warfare (SIGINT)

Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI)

Multiple Imager, Multiple Feed (independently controlled)

Maritime Patrol Radar
Communications Relay (Multiple Radio Types)

Laser Rangefinder

Laser Designator

Laser Pointer

High Accuracy Photogrammetry

Alticam 14

Multi-Imager, Multi-Feed turret with MWIR, SWIR and EO
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Multi-Imager, Multi-Feed turret with EO/IR telescope and zoom
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Search 13,000nmsq in 12 hours with the help of automated onboard detection
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Multi-INT, all-weather ISR capabilities normally found on larger platforms
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Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) for Integrator
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Search, interrogate, and prosecute from one long endurance platform via state-of-the-art, automated wide-area search with high-powered zoom optics, across multiple spectral bands.
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Real-Time Information For Operational Success

Get the most benefit from critical information when you need it. Through hundreds of thousands of hours of experience, our software offerings are a robust, proven solution for dynamic information delivery.

Command & Control

  • Common Ground Control Station (CGCS)

Media Management

  • TacitView
  • Catalina
  • Tungsten SDK


A small-footprint solution for command and control of uncrewed vehicles and payloads. Control multiple uncrewed aircraft with one ground control station and a single operator. Manage multiple feeds simultaneously, so you never lose sight of your target while maintaining broad situational awareness.

Software Features

  • Net-centric technology
  • Open architecture
  • Customized plug-ins
  • Third-party developers
  • Fully supported Software Development Kit
  • Systems compatible

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Common Ground Control Station (CGCS)

Command and control multiple uncrewed aircraft from a single, small, expeditionary workstation. Operate from a laptop with short, medium, and long-range options including vehicle- and tripod-mounted antennae. Built on open architecture and fully supported Software Development Kit (SDK). Controls all Insitu platforms as well as non-Insitu UAS. Small and lightweight, requiring only a 1-person carry. Pack in and pack out quickly, and fly from stationary or moving platforms.


  • Short-range antenna: >17 km (9 nm)
  • Medium-range antenna: 55 km (20+ nm)
  • Long-range antenna: 130 km (70 nm)

Radio Options

  • FreeWave, Bandit, Wave Relay 5

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TacitView processing tools enable enhancement and stabilization, while the viewer and interface can be used to tag live or post-mission imagery.

Software Features

  • Stabilization
  • Super Resolution/Image Sharpening
  • Debanding
  • Dehazing/Contrast Enhancement
  • Reticle™ Georegistration
  • HEVC/H.265
  • Mosaicking
  • Multi-INT, Geospatial Visualization
  • On-Screen Measurement Tools
  • Report Generation/Product Creation

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Power your media enterprise with Catalina server-side software. Collect, index, filter, and edit mission-critical information. Manage multiple data sources. Handle dozens of simultaneous feeds and operations. And customize with specialized features and plug-in architecture.

Software Features

  • MISB-Compliant Formats & Standards
  • Optical Character Reader/Manipulation
  • Still Image and Video Mosaicking
  • Reticle™ Georegistration
  • Metadata Filtering & Editing
  • Visual Enhancements
  • Media Catalog
  • Extensible, Plug-in Architecture
  • 3D Scene Reconstruction

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Tungsten SDK

Building blocks for powerful still and motion imagery media applications. Ideal for systems that require the capability to ingest, process, and deliver a large number of streams of video, audio, metadata, and annotation with minimal latency.

Adaptable, Layered Capabilities

  • Encoding and decoding
  • Recording and playback
  • Advanced content-based retrieval and analysis via simultaneous media sources across many platforms

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Ground Support

Take off to touchdown

Insitu’s uncrewed vehicles and ground support equipment give our customers the ability to safely and professionally launch, collect information, and recover in the most remote locations.


Runway independent launchers designed to fit any mission — all terrain, small-footprints and extreme conditions.


User-friendly command and control systems. One operator, one workstation, point-and-click real-time control. Manage multiple simultaneous feeds ensuring you never lose sight of your target while maintaining broad situational awareness.


Go-anywhere capability and small-footprint design allow safe recapture from almost anywhere. No nets. No runway. No limits.


Worldwide deployment & training

Insitu provides over 10,000 hours of ISR services globally on average per month. Our trainers have trained over 10,500 UAS operators worldwide. And we are innovating to offer state-of-the-art solutions for distance and remote learning to meet the needs of our customers through any logistical challenge.

Deployed Operations

An FSR carrying ScanEagle

Insitu’s Field Services Representatives are consistently recognized as the best in the business. Seamlessly deploying and integrating onboard ships and into forward operating bases, our operators, maintainers and trainers are ready to fly any mission, anytime, anywhere. We have been deploying our world-class FSR’s around the globe since 2004, and bring a commensurate level of experience, professionalism, and safety with us wherever we are needed.


Our operators and aircraft maintainers go where our customers need them, no matter the challenge. The experience and training of our UAS operators and maintainers translates into the classroom environment where Insitu’s instructors use that know-how to bring your team up to speed through traditional instruction, realistic simulations, practical exercises and hands-on flight experiences in a cost-effective training solution. Combining that with our versatile payload options and professional software and systems development prepares you to complete the job, no matter what challenges arise.

Our customizable training incorporates a simulator that looks, feels, and acts like the real thing because it uses accurate sensor models in the same software used to operate the aircraft. Our courses are Department-of-Defense-certified and MIL-PRF-29612B-compliant. All of this is offered at Insitu’s schoolhouses in White Salmon, Washington, and at our subsidiary, Insitu Pacific, in Brisbane, Australia. We can also bring this service to your designated location worldwide:

Certificate Courses:

  • UAS operator, 10 weeks
  • Insitu UAS maintainer, 5 weeks

Additional Courses:

  • Mission coordinator
  • Insitu uncrewed aircraft systems familiarization
  • New technology
  • System upgrade
  • Support Packages
  • Mission employment
  • Mobile training teams

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