On the Coast of Rio, Navy RQ-1 ScanEagle Aircraft Participated in Search and Rescue Operation

Launch pad for RQ-1 aircraft – Illustrative image – Source: Brazilian Navy

Original article from Aeroin.net translated via Google

The Command of the Air and Naval Force (ComForAerNav) of the Brazilian Navy informs that in recent days, between 27 and 31 July, in support of the Port Authority Office in Cabo Frio, the 1st Squadron of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (EsqdQE-1) was triggered to comply with Incident SAR SSE No. 027/2023, near the city of Arraial do Cabo-RJ, in order to search for a sailboat and its two crew.

The RQ-1 ScanEagle aircraft were launched from the Naval Air Base of São Pedro da Aldeia and performed a total of 26.3 hours of flight in an approximate area of ​​330 MN² (square nautical miles).

Remotely piloted aircraft model RQ-1 ScanEagle – Image: Brazilian Navy
Aircraft Operators – Image: Brazilian Navy
Aircraft operating system screen – Image: Brazilian Navy

Its ability to remain for a long time in the search area, combined with the electro-optical sensor of great range and the geolocation capacity of the system, allows a more precise and effective location of the intended objective in the Search and Rescue (SAR – Search and Rescue) mission.

As the main possibilities for using the RQ-1 ScanEagle aircraft, in addition to the SAR missions, the execution of IVR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) tasks stands out, such as in support of Maritime Traffic Control in the Blue Amazon, together with Special Forces and Law and Order Assurance Operations (GLO).

Original article from Aeroin.net translated via Google

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