Tactical Multi-INT Radar
Tactical Multi-INT Radar

Delivering real-time, actionable intelligence
in day, night and all-weather conditions

Enabling multi-INT, all-weather ISR capabilities normally found on larger, more expensive platforms.

SAR/MTI/CCD Radar Data

Advanced, low-SWaP, multi-mode radar in a protected weatherized pod.

Coherent Change Detection

CCD helps discover surface disturbances more effectively than EO or IR alone.

Wide-area search modes

Ideal for maritime patrol, force protection and counter-trafficking missions.

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Operational Ranges
  • Operating Frequency: Ku band
  • Operating Altitude: Mode dependent up to 10,000 ft AGL
  • SAR imaging range: 24 km (at 1m resolution)
  • MTI (vehicle): 12 km max. range; max. continuous coverage 60 km2
Standard Data Formats
  • KML, Complex NITF
  • STANAG 4607 Detects, STANAG 4676 Tracks
  • NSP-5(X): SAR, CCD, GMTI/MMTI (advanced), DMTI
  • NSP-5(S): SAR, GMTI/MMTI (standard)
  • X variant available to approved customers
Operating Software
  • Uses “Lisa 3D” intuitive software for Command and Control (C2) and Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED)
  • Pre-mission flight geometry based on data collection plan
  • Operational capability to program the radar, dynamically change plans and modes, and perform real-time analysis
  • Post-mission analysis with export to standard formats and data forensics

All-weather, high-quality, multi-mode radar

• Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

• Moving Target Indicator (MTI)

• Coherent Change Detection (CCD)

Multiple radar search modes

• Stripmap – Monitors a swath of ground parallel to the direction of flight.

• Spot light – Monitors a selected area of ground while UAS flies past or around it.

• Wide Area – Monitors the large area within the radar’s FoV for potential targets of interest.

Wide-area search modes

• Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)

• Dismount Moving Target Indicator (DMTI)

• Maritime Moving Target Indicator (MMTI)

• High Value Target (HVT) mode

Developed and produced by IMSAR. Integrated and tested in collaboration between Insitu and IMSAR.

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