One aircraft, infinite possibilities.

The Integrator is the most versatile UAS in its class, with a modular design to fit every mission.
Now available with VTOL.

Customizable Payloads

Maximize every mission with six payload spaces and up to 40 pounds available

Small Footprint

No nets or runways required


Modularity supports a wide range of missions including electronic warfare, ISR and comms relay

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Size and Weight
  • Length: 8.2 ft / 2.5m
  • Wingspan: 16 ft / 4.9 m
  • Max takeoff weight: 165 lb / 74.8 kg
  • Max payload weight: 40 lb / 18 kg
Sensor Options
  • EO telescope (high-zoom day FMV)
  • Dual Imager (MWIR/EO day & night FMV)
  • ViDAR (maritime surface search)
  • Laser designator / pointer / rangefinder
  • Other integrated sensors
Payload Integration
  • Onboard power: 350 W for payloads
  • Onboard connectivity: Ethernet
  • Endurance: 24+ hours
  • Ceiling: 19,500 ft / 5,944 m
  • Max horizontal speed: 90+ knots / 46 m/s
  • Engine: EFI using JP-5/JP-8 fuel

Trusted Performance

Integrator and its variants have been truly battle-tested, deployed around the globe, flying in the harshest environments for a variety of US and international partners.


Compliant with relevant NATO and industry standards to allow interoperability across joint, coalition and allied forces.

Encrypted Communication

Encrypted command and control data link enables a line-of-sight operating radius beyond 50 nm / 92.6 kms, with electromagnetic shielding to support customized communications and radio frequency sensor payloads.

Improved Mobility

Transport the Integrator system via ship, cargo aircraft (C-130, A400), cargo helicopters (CH-47, CH-53), and vehicles such as HMMWVs or JLTVs. Operate runway-free, from remote land or maritime environments.


Range and endurance enable persistent detection, classification and tracking.

Extended Range Variant Available

Satellite-enabled, beyond-line-of-sight (SATCOM BLOS) communications on Integrator ER platform enable operators to fly a variety of field-swappable payloads over the horizon to deliver high-resolution imagery in real-time up to 50onm away.

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