Dual Imager
Dual Imager

Persistent and superior imagery day and night with a single turret

Combines an EO imager with an MWIR thermal camera in one turret to capture real-time daytime and nighttime intelligence without interrupting the mission

One turret, combined capabilities

Electro-optical (EO) and Mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imager

Independent Zoom

Operators control the zoom level of each imager independently

Choose viewing options

Imagery can be viewed either side by side with multi-imager, multi-feed (MIMF) or the turret can send one stream with a picture-in-picture view.

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  • Tilt: 80° forward; 45° back
  • Roll: Endless 360°
  • Slew rate: 50°/sec
  • Capability: MWIR imager, EO imager and optional laser pointer


  • Wavelength: 3–5 μm (MWIR), 400–900 nm (EO)
  • Horizontal field-of-view: 1.7°–22° (MWIR), 1.1°–31.5° (EO)
  • Zoom: 13x continuous (MWIR), 30x continuous (EO)
  • Pixels: 640 x 480 (MWIR), 1280 x 720 (EO)

Laser Pointer

  • 830 nm, 150 mW, 1.0, mrad
  • Class 3B laser product. Invisible laser radiation. Avoid exposure to beam.

Monitor stationary and moving objects

Autonomous object tracking and simultaneous video stream viewing lets operators quickly identify and maintain positive identification for both stationary and moving subjects of interest.

Autonomous object tracking in both views

Laser pointer (optional) and Embedded Alticam Vision™ imaging system that eliminates in-flight vibrations

EO/IR imagery overlay

Improves daytime and nighttime image interpretation for enhanced situational awareness.

Dual Imager produced in collaboration with Hood Tech Corporation, Vision Inc.

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