Wide-Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) for Integrator

RedKite is a small electro-optical system capable of monitoring a city-sized area in real time.

Enables wide-area monitoring

2.5 mi (4k) diameter area monitoring within line-of-sight range of the GCS

Onboard data storage

Up to 8 hrs of mission data on board vehicle supporting real-time or historical data

Information Sharing

Transmits imagery (chipouts) to handheld devices, such as Android

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Operational altitude: 3,000-12,000 ft / 1,000-4,000 m AGL

Area of coverage: 1km diameter from 3,000 ft / 1,000 m AGL; 4 km diameter from 12,000 ft / 4,000 m AGL

GSD: 0.13 m at 3,000 ft / 1,000 m AGL; 0.5 m at 12,000 ft / 4,000 m AGL

Camera: >50 Mpx

Refresh rate: ≥ 2 Hz

Cross-cueing: Yes

Viewer windows: Up to 10 unique streaming video windows

GCS archive length: 100 hrs, expandable to 200 hrs

Onboard archive length: 8 hrs

Transmission to mobile devices: Yes

Internal processing: Compact embedded processing includes north-up rendering, real-time and DVR streaming and full-mission storage

Data link: Internal data link, providing a fully integrated, single LRU

Cross cue

RedKite supports cross cueing to Integrator’s primary FMV turret for higher resolution interrogation of subjects of interest.

Supports multiple operators

Supports multiple sensor operators with up to 10 video streams at once, each viewing independent streams. Geospatial and temporal bookmarking allows users to mark and share locations.

Automated detection alerts

User-defined “watchboxes” provide sensor operators with automated alerts when items of interest move in/out for real-time tracking.

RedKite is integrated and tested in collaboration between Insitu and Logos Technologies.

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