Wide Area Search
Wide Area Search

Automated Maritime Wide-Area Search for Integrator

AI-assisted wide-area search with high-powered zoom optics and multiple spectral bands.
Search, interrogate, and prosecute from one long endurance platform.

Automate Your Search

Scans wide areas for objects of interest, processes imagery on the edge, and provides real-time information to operators, networked payloads, or mission management systems.

Program Your Missions

Designate automated search areas and detection thresholds based on mission parameters to optimize sensor and software operation.

Search from Day to Night

Equipped with HD RGB and HD LWIR sensors. Nighttime heat/object detections, particularly in maritime environments, are aided by the contrast of thermal signatures against a uniform body of water.

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Payload Swap
  • Weight: 5.5 lb (2.5 kg)
  • Size: 23.6 in x 3.75 in (95 mm x 600 mm) 
  • Power: 42 W 
  • Standard CG bay mounting 
Onboard Sensors
  • Sensor 1: RGB Color 
    • 12.3 MP (4096 x 3000)
    • Rolling shutter
  • Sensor 2: HD LWIR
    • 1.3 MP (1280 x 1024)
    • 8-14 micron
Command Control
  • Ethernet
User Interface
  • Browser-based, hosted on payload
  • Novatel survey-grade GPS
  • Single L1 antenna
  • Active roll
How it works

PT-6 scans wide areas for objects of interest, processes imagery on the edge, and provides real-time information to operators, networked payloads, or mission management systems.

Detection Ranges and Coverage

Examples of targets and coverage based on size, altitude and speed (assumes 55 kts)

Target SizeAltitude (AGL)Detection RangeSearch SwathCoverage Rate (per hour)
2 m life raft1,000 ft (305m)2 NM (3.7km)4 NM (7km)220 NM2 (755 km2)
19 m vessel5,000 ft (1,500m)10 NM (18.5km)20 NM (37km)1,100 NM2 (3,773 km2)
50+ m vessel5,000 ft (1,500m)17 NM (31.5km)34 NM (63km)1,870 NM2 (6,414 km2)

Let AI Do the Heavy Lifting

PT-6 automates the labor-intensive role of searching for small targets of interest in large areas, often in challenging conditions. Overwatch AI software automatically controls sensor operation to continually scan a search area; processes data in real-time on the edge; and notifies the operator or networked payload with geolocated image data of detected objects that warrant further review.

Expand Your Field of View

The sensor automatically scans in a step-stare pattern that sweeps across the flight track to provide a significantly increased search coverage area.

Go Day to Night with Multi-spectral Sensors

RGB and Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) allow you to search from day to night, and easily pick out warm heat signatures against a cool, uniform body of water.

Do it All with Multi-Mission Capabilities

PT-6 enables a wide variety of mission capabilities, from maritime search and ISR to land-based tactical intelligence, inspection and mapping, custom object detection, change detection, and more.

Stay On Target Longer with Unmatched Endurance

Integrator is designed for easy integration of multi-INT payloads, offers 24+ hours of endurance, and carries 40 pounds of Insitu best-in-class, modular, field-swappable payloads across six bays, with plenty of onboard power.

PT-6 is developed and produced by
Overwatch Imaging and integrated and tested
with Integrator in collaboration between
Insitu and Overwatch Imaging

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