Software Development Kit

Building blocks for powerful still and motion imagery media applications

Designed for developers

Offers an extensive C++ API to operate on media from a range of sources including cameras, network streams, archives, and more.

Versatile architecture

Ideal for systems that require the capability to ingest, process, and deliver a large number of streams of video, audio, metadata, and annotation with minimal latency.

Adaptable, layered capabilities

Encoding and decoding, recording and playback, and advanced content-based retrieval and analysis via simultaneous media sources across many platforms.

Get all the technical specs.

Unleash the full potential of your digital media

  • Build client-side, metadata-rich media consumption and server software 
  • Digitally encode motion imagery and metadata to MISB standards using encoding libraries and MainConcept codecs – no need for specialized video encoding software
  • Decode digital motion imagery and metadata for use directly in your software 
  • Make your solution MISB and STANAG compliant with core components including MISB metadata set libraries, Cursor-on-Target encoders/decoders, NITF libraries, and video codecs (view the MISB standards here)

The de facto ISR industry standard for motion imagery interoperability

  • Ideal for companies and platforms that demand flexible, superior, real-time digital media solutions
  • Contains a comprehensive bundle of sample applications including a full-featured media client and server, remote server management application, and media streaming application
  • Currently used in numerous cross-domain solutions to meet NSA Raise The Bar requirements
  • Available with get-you-started technical support and support cases
  • ITAR-free (EAR99)


Encoding and Decoding


  • HEVC/H.265 
  • AVC/H.264 
  • MPEG-4/H.263 
  • MPEG-2/H.262


  • MPEG-1/2 (MP3) 
  • AAC 


  • KLV (SMPTE 336M-2001) 
  • Cursor on Target (CoT) 

Stream Formats

  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream 
  • MPEG-2 Program Stream 
  • Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP) 
  • STANAG 4609 
  • Cross Platform Support 
  • Customizable Interfaces 
GIS Utilities
  • Digital Elevation Models—DTED / SRTM / GTOPO30 
  • Four Corners Calculations 
  • Coordinate System and Height Conversions 
  • Geometric Types – WKT/WKB 
Media Transport
  • TCP 
  • UDP – Unicast / Multicast 
  • RTP / RTSP 
  • File 
  • Sliced File 
  • Archives 
  • JPIP 
  • Surge Media Acquisition Framework 
  • IPv6 
  • MISB ST 0601 – UAS Datalink Metadata 
  • MISB ST 0102 – Security Metadata 
  • MISB ST 1107 – Geopositioning Metadata 
  • MISB EG 0104 – Predator Metadata 
  • Predator ESD 
  • MISB ST 0603/0604 – Synchronous Metadata 
  • MISB ST 0902 – Minimum Metadata Set 
  • MISB ST 1204 – Core Identifier 
  • MISB ST 0806 – RVT Data 
  • MISB ST 0602 – Annotation Metadata 
  • MISB ST 0808 – Ancillary Text Metadata 
  • MISB ST 0903 – VMTI Data 
  • MISB ST 1202 – Generalized Transformation 
  • MISB ST 1010 – Std Dev Corr Coef Matrix 
  • MISB EG 0801 – Photogrammetry Metadata 
  • MISB RP 0608 – Motion Imagery Identifier 
Image Formats
  • NITF (MIL-STD-2500C) 
  • NSIF (STANAG 4545) 
  • Bitmap 
  • JPEG 
  • JPEG 2000 
  • PNG 
  • TIFF 
  • RGB / Monochrome / YUV 
Video Display
  • DirectX 
  • OpenGL 
  • Video Overlays 
Programming Languages
  • C++ 
  • Java via the JNI 
  • C# via the CLI 
  • Windows – x86/x64 – Visual Studio 
  • Linux – x86/x64 – GCC 
  • ARM – AArch64 – GCC 
  • Extensive API Documentation 
  • Technical Support and Support Case Options 
  • Media Client / Player 
  • Media Server 
  • Media Transcoding 
  • Media Streamer 

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