The Asia-Pacific region has a strong need to monitor its many coastal stretches. More than 80 times a year, this area’s great oceans produce tropical cyclones. As the storm approaches, air assets, too valuable to risk, get stowed away for safety. Yet in the storm’s wake, the need for information rises, especially with lives and infrastructure at stake.

You need to situate disaster response efforts close to, but removed from, specific locations. You need to communicate when infrastructure is destroyed. And you need equipment that can withstand austere weather.

Insitu systems will help you identify who needs help the most and will provide data to inform your response plan. By establishing an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) capability with a flexible hub-and-spoke configuration at an offshore base, we help you deliver precision in your coordinated efforts. Unmanned aircraft are launched and retrieved from a hub, and control is passed off to forward operators (“spokes”). You can create ad-hoc communications networks and keep ground troops aware and informed. Our UAS can be launched, controlled and recovered shipboard, from a small offshore patrol vessel to a larger guided missile destroyer. Our heavy fuel engine can push 24+ hours endurance, depending on the configuration. Our UAS have a wide weather envelope to ensure reliable operations, including flying beneath clouds and through precipitation.

Siam weed is considered one of the worst weeds in the world. It has a phenomenal growth rate, and dense infestations can smother tropical fruit crops, young forestry plantations and pastures. It is also a serious environmental weed, invading native woodlands and posing a major fire hazard in the dry season. It is native to South America, but the Asia-Pacific region has it in abundance.

You need the best possible data to eliminate this pest weed before it spreads.

In 2012, Insitu Pacific, on behalf of the Queensland Government for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, engaged the Insitu ScanEagle® UAS to conduct the first Siam weed monitoring trials using unmanned assets. This was an important step in proving the substantial safety and operational benefits that come from employing UAS in commercial applications. Using unmanned aircraft systems in this type of scenario provides a cost-effective alternative and decreases potential risks associated with sending out manned helicopter crews on long-duration, low-altitude surveillance missions where there is little margin for error.

Also in 2012, Insitu Pacific was awarded a contract to provide ScanEagle to the Republic of Singapore Navy on the fastest ships in the RSN’s fleet. The delivery includes systems, training, logistics and ship installation, as well as specialist in-country maintenance support. Other Insitu Pacific customers include Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, the Australian Defence Force and Composites Technology Research Malaysia.

Based in Queensland, Australia, Insitu Pacific was founded in 2009 as an affiliate of Insitu Inc. to serve the unique defense, civil and commercial interests of the Asia-Pacific region. Since then, Insitu Pacific builds on Insitu’s culture of agility, precision and endurance to deliver UAS systems and services tailored to this diverse region.

Whether executing on a defense or commercial mission, Insitu Pacific delivers decision-making superiority to the Asia-Pacific region.

Latest News

Feb 25, 2015

Insitu Demonstrates Integrator Platform Capability at IDEX in Abu Dhabi

BINGEN, Wash., Feb. 25, 2014 – Insitu announced today the successful demonstration of its Integrator unmanned aircraft system during the live flight event at IDEX in Abu Dhabi. The two-day live fly took place on 24 and 25 February at the Al Tareef Airstrip, and was held in conjunction with the Unmanned Systems Exhibition and Conference (UMEX). Integrator performed two flights, showcasing key features and capabilities including ease of transport and set up, small footprint launch and recovery systems and its open-architecture ground control application, ICOMC2.   


Feb 18, 2015

Insitu to Showcase Technologies, Demonstrate its Integrator Platform at IDEX

BINGEN, Wash., Feb. 18, 2014 – Insitu announced today that it will showcase its combat-proven unmanned systems and present the capabilities of its Integrator platform in a live flight demonstration at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 22-26 February, 2015. 


Dec 22, 2014

Andy von Flotow, Insitu Honored as Gorge Tech Leader, Organization of the Year

The Gorge Technology Alliance (GTA) held its second annual awards program on December 16, 2014, recognizing Andy von Flotow of Hood Technology as the 2014 GTA Technology Leader of the Year and Insitu as the 2014 GTA Technology Organization of the Year.


Oct 29, 2014

Insitu Announces ScanEagle 2 – the Next Generation of the ScanEagle Platform

BINGEN, Wash., Oct. 29, 2014 – From its booth at the Euronaval Exhibition and Conference in Paris, Insitu announced today ScanEagle 2, the next generation of its revolutionary ScanEagle platform.


Aug 06, 2014

Boeing Names Ryan Hartman Insitu President and Chief Executive Officer

BINGEN, Wash., Aug. 6, 2014 –Boeing [NYSE: BA] and subsidiary Insitu Inc. today named Ryan Hartman Insitu president and CEO, effective immediately. Hartman most recently served as senior vice president, Insitu Programs. He succeeds CEO Steve Morrow, who is retiring.


Jul 22, 2014

Insitu Demonstrates Long Endurance Capabilities of the Integrator Unmanned Aircraft

BINGEN, Wash., July 22, 2014 – Insitu announced today the successful 24-hour flight of its Integrator unmanned aircraft.


May 13, 2014

Insitu Pacific Demonstrates Fire Management Assistance with ScanEagle Unmanned Aircraft

BRISBANE, Australia, May 13, 2014 - Insitu Pacific, the Australia-based subsidiary of Insitu Inc., today announced it recently conducted a successful demonstration for the New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) using the ScanEagle unmanned aircraft system (UAS).


Mar 18, 2014

Insitu Pacific announces attendance at APPEA 2014

BRISBANE, Australia, March 18, 2014 - Insitu Pacific, the Australia-based subsidiary of Insitu Inc., will be displaying its capabilities at the upcoming Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association (APPEA) Conference and Exhibition, April 6-9, in Perth.


Mar 05, 2014

Unmanned Aircraft: Countdown to Mission Possible

Queensland Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) researchers have made what’s believed to be a world-first breakthrough for small Unmanned Aircraft (UA), developing an onboard system that has enabled a UA to detect another aircraft using vision while in flight.


Feb 24, 2014

Insitu Delivers LRIP RQ-21A Blackjack System to U.S. Navy, Marine Corps

BINGEN, Wash., Jan. 2, 2014 – Insitu announced today the delivery of an RQ-21A Blackjack to the Navy and Marine Corps. This represents the first Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) system delivered under the Navy’s Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS) contract and enables the program to enter into the initial operational test and evaluation (IOT&E) phase.


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