Success Story
Success Story

Regulating IUU Fishing and Securing EEZ

The Problem

Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) surveillance and enforcement has become a top priority for the USCG and partner navies, as Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing has surpassed piracy as the #1 maritime threat worldwide. Sovereign nations have the right to protect their maritime resources and their fisheries within their maritime boundaries as vital to their economic welfare. There has been a marked increase in IUU fishing in these restricted areas and EEZ in every ocean around the globe with many bad actors encroaching on regulations and established treaties.

The Solution:

The USCG and partner navies engage in regular maritime patrols of many regions around the world to enforce and deter IUU fishing activities. Finding Targets of Interest (TOI) engaging in illegal activities in maritime EEZ’s is greatly improved by employing ScanEagle day/night optics and ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) surface search capabilities. The USCG has deployed ScanEagle on eight National Security Cutters in 2020.


ScanEagle’s ability to expand the eyes and ears of U.S. Coast Guard ships and of partner nations assures maritime sovereignty and helps the USCG and partner navies protect their vital natural resources.

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Capabilities Demonstrated

Maritime Domain Experience
Best-in-Class Endurance
Field-Swappable Payloads
Maritime Surface Search
Runway Independence
Persistent ISR Capability
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