Success Story
Success Story

Insitu assists U.S. Coast Guard with search and rescue exercise during Arctic Shield


In the summer of 2015, Insitu returned to the North Slope of Alaska, this time to participate in the U.S. Coast Guard’s Research and Development Center’s Arctic Shield 2015 search-and-rescue exercise. Assets and resources are scarce in the Arctic Ocean, so in the event of an emergency every second counts. Situational awareness for decision makers is key during emergencies, but sending manned aircraft to facilitate initial response efforts in the Arctic environment can be dangerous. Unmanned aircraft can be used to keep search-and-rescue crews safe while working quickly to find their target.

Insitu Expands Support of USCG Counter-narcotics Operations

June 09, 2020
Insitu Expands Support of USCG Counter-narcotics Operations BINGEN, Wash., June 9, 2020 – Building on a…

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