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Integrator Payloads

Integrator Payloads

With a maximum payload capacity up to 40 pounds, Integrator lives up to its name in more ways than one

Each of Integrator’s configurable payload spaces feature power and Ethernet connections, including the nose bay, center of gravity bay, wing bays, and wing hardpoints.

Nose bay: The nose bay is the ideal space for turrets and can be reconfigured to allow for additional payload capacity up to 15 pounds.

Center of gravity (CG) bay: This bay delivers the highest capacity and can accommodate payloads up to 35 pounds, lending itself to be favorable for those who wish to use larger, higher power payloads.

Wing bays: Each wing contains two payload spaces – one on the wing to hold the payload and one on the winglet used to carry the associated antenna. Each wing bay can handle up to three pounds of payload. For full motion video (FMV) capability, the right wing and winglet payload space must be dedicated to that function.

Wing hardpoints: Each wing contains a hardpoint that can carry up to 15 pounds of payload. This positioning is ideal for meeting visibility requirements.

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Integrator Capabilities

Integrator Capabilities

Integrator UAS provides the options you need for superior decision making

Constant innovation is the driving force behind Integrator’s open-architecture design focused on isolating mission and payload systems. Every day, we push the limits of engineering to make our aircraft’s performance better, smarter and more intuitive. The result—a UAV that you can quickly integrate payloads to meet your specific needs.

Integrator’s air-to-ground communications systems deliver direct communication with the aircraft for more than 50 nautical miles from the ground control station.

Support and services
Integrator’s open architecture allows for plug-and-play integration of customized payloads. Our dedicated group of payload engineers can assist with integrating the most advanced technologies to extend your aircraft’s capabilities to get the job done.

Integrator Payloads and Capabilities

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