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ScanEagle Imagers

ScanEagle Imagers

High-definition imagery, day or night

We provide the tools to deliver the information you need for better situational awareness, better information delivery, and better outcomes.

In the baseline configuration ScanEagle’s nose bay houses the Aliticam Vision imaging system, a stabilized turret that reduces in-flight vibrations and supports tracking of targets of interest. The turret incorporates the aircraft’s sensor package, which can be customized to include:

  • Electro-optic imager: For high-resolution daytime imagery.
  • EO900 turret: Picture-in-picture daytime imagery from two imagers, allowing operators to focus on objects of interest while maintaining overall situational awareness.
  • Mid-wave infrared (MWIR) camera: Quality thermal imaging for nighttime and low-visibility flights.
  • Dual Imager turret: Includes an EO and MWIR camera and laser pointer for easy transition from daytime to nighttime flights.
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Dual Imager

Dual Imager puts ScanEagle’s two most popular imagers - EO and MWIR - on a single turret, allowing for the use of one ScanEagle day and night.

Dual Imager Product Card

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EO900 combines the precision of an EO imager with the power of a high-definition telescope to deliver simultaneous views of an area of focus. Each imager is independently controlled, allowing operators to zoom in on a point of interest while viewing the broader situation, resulting in better situational awareness and complete information delivery.

EO900 Product Card

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