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ScanEagle Capabilities

ScanEagle Capabilities

Persistent ISR in the word’s most extreme environments

The industry leader for best-in-class reliability, ScanEagle has been continuously in use on land since 2004, in maritime environments since 2005, and has proven itself as the reliable, go-to solution for government, commercial, and military customers around the globe. Insitu’s Multiple UAS Software Environment (IMUSE) acts as the base software of ScanEagle’s command and control structure, allowing for mission planning, aircraft and multi-aircraft tasking, target tracking, automated-target-following, and payload operation all from a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Communication and data
ScanEagle’s air-to-ground communications systems deliver reliable and secure communications up to 55 nautical miles from a ground control station. Encrypted digital video and command and control datalinks offer increased security.

Support and services
Our dedicated group of payload engineers, aircraft maintainers and operators can assist with configuring and operating your aircraft or developing payloads that extend ScanEagle’s capabilities.

ScanEagle Options and Capabilities Product Card

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