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Services and Support

Services and Support

Insitu has trained more than 5,800 operators since 2004 at our on-site schoolhouses in the United States and Australia

Our operators and aircraft maintainers go where our customers need them, no matter the challenge. The experience and training of our UAS operators and maintainers translates into the classroom environment where Insitu’s instructors use that know-how to bring your team up to speed through traditional instruction, realistic simulations, practical exercises and hands-on flight experiences in a cost-effective training solution. Combining that with our versatile payload options and professional software and systems development prepares you to complete the job, no matter what challenges arise.

Our operators can help you with:

  • Site surveys
  • Site assessments
  • Site-specific procedures
  • Natural disaster support
  • Mobile training
  • Site recommendations
  • System installations
  • Full-function system checkouts
  • Issue resolution

Our customizable training incorporates a simulator that looks, feels, and acts like the real thing because it uses accurate sensor models in the same software used to operate the aircraft. Our courses are Department-of-Defense-certified and MIL-PRF-29612B-compliant. All of this is offered at Insitu’s schoolhouses in White Salmon, Washington, and at our subsidiary, Insitu Pacific, in Brisbane, Australia. We can also bring this service to your designated location worldwide:

Certificate Courses

  • Insitu UAS operator, 10 weeks
  • Insitu UAS maintainer, 5 weeks

Additional Courses

  • Mission coordinator
  • Insitu unmanned aircraft systems familiarization
  • System upgrade
  • New technology

Support Packages

  • Mission employment
  • Mobile training teams
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Services and Support

Services and Support

Next-gen information processing software solutions

With more than a decade of corporate experience in designing, building and deploying metadata-rich media management systems, our Insitu Commercial team is ready to help you develop software solutions for even the most difficult media management challenges from hardware integration and systems improvement to testing, evaluation, training and more.

Insitu Commercial Software Support Ticket

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Unmanned Systems

Information Processing

Global Operations