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Engineered for professional, safe operations

INEXA Control is an intuitive ground control station that lets you operate unmanned systems while staying compliant with emerging Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. As the commercial variant of ICOMC2, INEXA Control is backed by Insitu’s comprehensive experience in professional unmanned aviation, making it the proven solution for safe and reliable operations. Additionally, INEXA Control utilizes multiple trusted data sources so you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws at you and beyond.

Safe. Intuitive. Compliant. Professional. Get the GCS with the attributes that matter with INEXA Control.

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Inexa Control Support

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INEXA Control Plug-ins: Make it your own

INEXA Control’s plug-ins empower operators to do even more with an already versatile platform, further enabling your professional unmanned operations by being tailored to meet your specific needs. Click on each plug-in to learn how you can customize this intuitive software for better outcomes and safer flights.

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Additional Offerings

  • Unmanned Vehicle Plug-in for ArduCopter: Powerful command and control meets unmanned multicopter technology.

  • Search Plug-in: In development. Time is paramount in every search mission and INEXA Control’s search plug-in helps operators plan and execute a fast, thorough search of an area using nationally recognized search patterns.

  • RF Link Analysis Plug-in: In development. Terrain variation and other conditions can interfere with the transmission of information, but INEXA Control’s RF Link Analysis Plug-in helps operators identify in advance where communications could be potentially compromised.

  • Airspace Management Plug-in: In development. Using an aircraft’s trajectory, vehicle information, and telemetry, INEXA Control’s Airspace Management Plug-in alerts operators of potential airspace violations by considering available airspace options and recognizing areas to avoid.

  • Cursor-on-Target Plug-in: Promotes situational awareness by sharing new or evolving information automatically, such as the location of points of interest, other vehicles and where sensors are pointing.

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Powerful command and control meets unmanned multicopter technology

This tool enables users to exercise comprehensive command and control of this small, agile, multi-rotor UAV. By utilizing ICOMC2 and INEXA Control flight modes, users can direct ArduCopter-based quadcopters to loiter or follow waypoints, and hold speed, altitude and heading. The plug-in enables payload control, including determining stare points, as well as setting waypoint actions. As with Insitu’s other proven systems, ICOMC2 and INEXA Control allow users to maintain control of multiple ArduCopter UAVs in permitted operational environments. Experience multiple features with just one system and one user, supporting abundant possibilities.

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Time is paramount in every search mission

This tool helps operators create a search path based on standard search patterns, the search region, target size, and vehicle sensor capabilities. As the search is executed, overlays update based on vehicle sensor data while color coding tells operators which areas have already been scanned for more efficient and effective search missions.

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Stop terrain variation and other conditions from interfering with the transmission of information

Analyzing communication systems (RF links) to avoid potential intelligence gaps is made easier with this powerful tool. Information gathered from the analysis can be overlaid onto a 2D map that uses graphics to inform operators where system signals are anticipated to be strong or weak, resulting in higher levels of situational and operational awareness.

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Stay on track. Make better decisions.

Designed to define airspace in all phases of flight (including multiple aircraft scenarios), Insitu’s Airspace Management Plug-in keeps you where you want to be. Supported by Insitu’s ground control software systems, ICOMC2 and INEXA Control, the Airspace Management Plug-in can alert operators of potential airspace violations based on distance, helping decision makers preemptively take corrective action.

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Share mission information. Increase situational awareness.

Designed to exchange points of interest and situational awareness information, Insitu’s Cursor-on-Target Plug-in helps ensure you always keep track of your mission subjects. Supported by Insitu’s ground control station software systems, ICOMC2 and INEXA Control, the Cursor-on-Target Plug-in can alert operators of received points of interest, publish point of interest positions, even center a map or slew your payload to a point of interest, all with customizable refresh rates for up-to-date information.

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