Surface Navy Association 33rd Symposium

Insitu Virtual Showcase Preview

Welcome to Insitu’s Surface Navy Association 33rd Annual Symposium preview page!
We hope to see you on the (virtual) trade show floor Jan 11-15, 2021.
You can find our virtual booth here.

Vidar Scanned View

Maritime Domain Awareness – Solved

Our full-suite platforms are backed by 1.3 million hours of real-world operational experience in the harshest and most hostile environments. We operate with 30+ international customers around the globe. And as always, no runways needed…


Next-Generation UAVs To Meet Your Mission Needs

Insitu’s unmanned platforms give our customers the ability to operate safely in the most remote locations and extreme weather conditions.


Persistent ISR in the world’s most extreme environments

Decision-making superiority through powerful information delivered day or night: This is the service we’ve provided to our customers on land and at sea since 2004. But our aircraft are only part of the picture. Our payloads extend the capabilities of UAS to meet the specific needs of our customers through flexibility and easy integration.


Search 13,000nmsq in 12 hours with the help of automated onboard detection
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Multi-Imager, Multi-Feed turret with EO/IR telescope and zoom
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Dual Imager

Increasing expeditionary capabilities with more payload options
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Alticam 14

Multi-Imager, Multi-Feed turret with MWIR, SWIR and EO
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Latest News

Insitu Expands Support of USCG Counter-narcotics Operations

Insitu ScanEagle has been deployed with US Coast Guard since 2017 supporting vital counter-narcotics effort with critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. To date, the system has played an integral role in preventing nearly $4 billion in illegal drugs reaching US shores.

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Schultz: Upcoming Coast Guard Budget Has ‘Dollars For People’ Focus

ScanEagle, a small, long-range, low-altitude unmanned aerial vehicle, played a key role in inspecting suspicious activities.

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US delivers unmanned aerial system to Philippine Navy

US delivers unmanned aerial system to Philippine Navy

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