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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

More than an aerospace company

We are an integrated information and technology company. To reach our full potential as a business, we imagine and create more than products with wings. In all that we do and all that we aspire to do, our Vision and Mission guide us while our cultural pillars, Pioneer; Perform; Unite and Care, define our culture and inform our decisions as we strive to achieve our Mission.

Vision: Decision-making superiority delivered

Mission: Create industry-leading integrated systems that collect, process and distribute information for existing and expanding customer markets

Cultural Pillars: Pioneer, Perform, Unite, Care

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Pioneer fresh and fearless ideas. Embrace risk, question the status quo and find your own answers. Know the rules so you can own them and think creatively in pursuit of something greater. The world is ever changing; and as it does, so will you, and so will Insitu.

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Perform to the highest standard.Never forget—the innovative spirit that brought us here will carry us into the future. Practice smart thinking to deliver and raise the standard. Recognize that our customers rely on the quality of our products and services to make time-critical decisions. Expect swift and precise execution in all that we do: every box checked, no detail overlooked— and always ready to pivot.

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Unite with purpose, action and integrity. Collectively, we are a purpose-driven team. Our call to action is continual improvement to ensure integrity and strength in our culture and daily practices. We are empowered by a common mission.

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Care for one another and our customers. Commit to the people you work with. Think like an individual while respecting the differences in one another. Embrace diversity of thought as a proponent for change. Take pride in our team, our customers and our community.

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Executive Leadership

Corporate Citizenship