Insitu and Sentient Announce Agreement to Provide Kestrel Automated Detection Capabilities for UAS

BINGEN, Wash., Oct. 23, 2012- Insitu Inc., announced today that it has signed a long-term licensing agreement with Sentient, located in Melbourne, Australia, to integrate Kestrel land and maritime automated detection software systems into Insitu's Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

Currently deployed as a separate product, Kestrel operates adjacent to Insitu systems. The incorporation of Kestrel software into Insitu's UAS will enhance operator effectiveness to utilize a much larger field of regard.

“Kestrel is an important capability multiplier for our UAS to provide ISR over extended periods,” said Insitu President and CEO Steve Morrow.  “Kestrel's ability to detect very small targets within the field of regard significantly increases the coverage of ScanEagle and Integrator offering substantial value to the customer.”

Kestrel provides an automated target detection capability in both land and maritime domains. Kestrel Land MTI specializes in detecting moving targets within the field of view of an electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) sensor and has extensive experience in both Afghanistan and Iraq with the U.S. and its allies. Kestrel Maritime automatically detects objects on the surface of the ocean, including small boats and people.

“Many ScanEagle customers already use Kestrel to provide an automated detection functionality and are very satisfied with the results,” said Sentient Head of Sales and Marketing Simon Olsen. “This agreement allows customers to benefit from the two technologies working together seamlessly to enhance airborne ISR missions.”
Insitu Inc., located in Bingen, Wash., is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company. Insitu designs, develops and manufactures UAS and provides associated services for commercial, civil and defense applications. With a small footprint and expeditionary focus for both land and sea operations, the company's family of UAS solutions and global mission support serves the needs of worldwide customers. To date, these systems have accumulated 650,000 combat flight hours and 72,000 sorties. For more information, visit

Sentient successfully develops and deploys computer vision technology for defence and civil projects. Since 1999 Sentient has been specialising in video analytics with a strong focus on the development of automated target detection software.
Sentient is a member of the Australian Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme and a trusted partner of the Australian Department of Defence. For more information, visit

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Simon Olsen
Sentient Head of Sales and Marketing